Month: November 2019

The Importance Of Using Coupons In Your E-commerce Business

The Importance Of Using Coupon In Your E-commerce Business, Everyone who runs a store knows how much customers love good deals. This is especially true for online stores. Launching the right deals for the right customer at the right time sets you apart from your competitors.

The use of coupons or promotional codes is very important and sensitive as in most marketing methods, there are good and bad ways to use them. Here are 4 The Kibo Code strategies to increase your customer satisfaction.

Use Coupons as magnets for potential sales to create more successful sales

This magnet is a simple and inexpensive gift that the company offers against an email address or other means of communication with the customer. E-books are one of the most common free gifts, but they can be expensive and difficult to produce to stay up to date. On behalf of this you can provide a promotional code, it is easy to produce and use for various marketing methods.

Try to collect as many basic personal information as possible before you provide the code to make the most of it. For example, you can learn about your Modern customers shopping habits or their date of birth. This provides you with an encyclopedia of information that you can use when marketing via email in a more personal and personal way to your customers.

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to connect with your customers. The better and more accurate the way you communicate with your customers, the more it helps your Online ecommerce store grow.



Reward your regular customers with Coupons

Studies have repeatedly shown that retaining permanent customers is more effective than attracting new customers physically, but that does not mean that they are easy to maintain.

You can also take advantage of promotional codes in this case. Loyalty-based promotional codes increase customer happiness and feel that they are unique to your The Kibo Code e-commerce website thanks to their ongoing dealings. This indicates that you are happy with your customers.

Use promotional codes to support social media marketing campaigns

Everyone understands the importance of social media marketing campaigns to the success of an e-business, and provides another platform to encourage your customers to talk about your ecom business through promotional codes.

The basic idea is simple, think of the right way to talk to your customers on social media and offer promotional codes to visitors who use it. This may be by following you on one of these channels, sharing the page, writing comments, or posting their honest opinion about your E-commerce business.

It is necessary to use simple-to-understand discounts in such campaigns, such as relative price reductions or additional gifts when making a purchase.

Form promotional codes for departing customers

Several weeks ago we talked about the principle of pop-up menus at checkout and how to use them with promotions to try to attract visitors to make a purchase.

Promotional codes are tempted for customers departing to return to the online store later even if the purchase was not made at that moment. You can also integrate this strategy with the first strategy to collect more data to form product-based emails in the customer’s neglected shopping cart and remind them of promotional rice and products that have previously interest them.


We have introduced 4 innovative ways to leverage coupons in your business. Don’t forget to use it carefully as many promotional codes can hurt your E-commerce business. This may encourage your customers to buy only when these campaigns are available, reducing your earnings. The Kibo Code Review strategy is successful if you use promotional codes intelligently to build a strong relationship with your customers.