Month: November 2019

How To Expand Your E-Commerce Business?

The proliferation of the Internet over the past two decades has changed the way we think about employment.

Systems such as e-mail, instant messaging, and cloud information transfer have been a world that often obviates the need for a traditional office to do business effectively.

At the same time, there is a cultural orientation on the part of employees and entrepreneurs based on a re-prioritization so that work flexibility is more important than a traditional office environment.

In this new world, E-commerce business in particular will benefit from the remote workforce AKA Freelancers to reduce expenses, improve productivity and increase profits.

This week, we highlight three strategies to overcome the biggest challenges of organizing Freelancer teams to be a team that performs well.

How To Expand Your E-Commerce Business?

Managing a digital team requires that you make adjustments to your management style.

Although you may want to tighten your approach to compensate for the limited real communication between you and your employees, in most cases it is best to do the opposite.

Rather than managing and focusing on the finer things with your team, it’s best to build a relationship of trust between the parties. They agreed on the deadlines and gave employees the ability to manage their time in their own way.

E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce Business

Keep in mind that as a business manager, you are responsible for determining the work culture and values ​​your team is working remotely.

Document processes and provide a tool to measure productivity

Employees perform best when they know what jobs they have and why they should do them. This is especially true when talking about teleworking.

Documenting and identifying processes provides a system that employees can rely on and refer to anywhere and time of day. It is necessary to provide guidance and manuals explaining how the work should be conducted with the remote team to guide them to work effectively.

This strategy can also help you a lot as you grow your business and hire more in the team, without any difficulties in explaining the tasks or directions of the company.

Parallel to this, it is essential to provide productivity measurement to be shared among all freelancer teams to identify and maintain productivity.

In the simplest form, you need a communication platform and a project management tool, but depending on the role of your employees you may need to develop and use financial management tools as well.

The sooner you identify these tools, the more successful you will be to incorporate them into your E-commerce business so that you can build specific business models that can be reproduced by any team member, anywhere in the world.

Strengthen friendship ties

Whether all employees are working remotely or only part of them, it is necessary to create a friendly and open environment among all staff.

This means that you have to communicate the values ​​and principles of the company to everyone so that remote employees can feel a sense of belonging.

Here are some of the ways in which a remote team can get involved in a company environment and culture:

– Share the successes of The e-commerce business and the successes of individuals. When an employee does something special, all members of the company should know about it. This is a kind of motivation among employees and promotes coherence in the work environment.

– Group video communication periodically. The work of meetings and everyone employees increase the sense of belonging to everyone so that they feel part of the team and this also provides them with a platform to share their views.

– Take steps to promote diversity in e-commerce business 2020. One of the biggest benefits of having a freelancer team is reaching employees around the world. This means that your company can benefit from many perspectives, and remote employees will be more grateful in this case rather than working in a confined or confined environment.


If you’re looking to grow your e-commerce business or to build a profitable eCom Biz in 2020, The Kibo Code is The right e-commerce training program for you, taking advantage of the remote experience is a very important step. Managing teams remotely is a challenge but following the simple steps we have mentioned in addition to adhering to them enables you to build a team that is loyal to work and work hard and achieve high productivity, whatever his job.