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E-commerce 2021 … The “Winning Horse”

E-commerce 2021 witnessed a great boom in the third millennium, and it became the winning horse after the spread of the Corona epidemic (Covid 19), and the projects that were able to develop their link more with the Internet were successful thanks to Kibo Code Quantum. As for companies that had not used the Internet to promote their products, it became necessary for them to Changing its marketing policy, to find a way to prevent it from reaching bankruptcy. Before Corona, the growth rate of e-commerce was approximately 8% annually, according to the figures of the United Nations Trade and Development Board (UNCTAD).

E-commerce 2021

What contributed to the growth of electronic marketing companies is the continuing spread of the Corona virus (Covid 19), and the precautionary and preventive measures and calls for social distancing that resulted from it. Such as “Amazon” and “Alibaba”, and even some small and medium-sized companies that turned to electronic marketing were able to catch up with the lifeboat before bankruptcy attacked them.



And because the people of Bahrain possess awareness and the components of the Internet’s infrastructure, they were associated with communication sites and electronic marketing even before the outbreak of the pandemic. The people of Bahrain are one of the Arab peoples most associated with technology, awareness and knowledge, so that many young people have accounts on some communication sites that compete with experienced marketing companies Which made some companies resort to these young people in order to market their products. Investing in the success of these young people and their capabilities despite the simplicity of their capabilities makes it imperative to support them, adopt their ideas and invest them in opening markets for national products to constitute a qualitative leap for them and contribute to promoting national products in new markets.

The services and applications provided by the e-government have made the life of the Bahraini people easier, and contributed to showing the civilized face of Bahrain and setting it as an example for the exploitation of technology. Just as there is a successful use, there are some exploiters who try to fraud through the Internet, and thank God that awareness campaigns from state institutions and private institutions such as banks have contributed to spreading awareness to avoid falling into the clutches of these networks.

The next future, especially after the pandemic, will be e-marketing, no one would have imagined that some products such as groceries and vegetables would have a share in e-marketing, and here are the days that prove that there is nothing that cannot be marketed on the Internet, but the issue needs time to absorb the consumer and get used to that, This time has come faster than we imagined.

The pandemic has contributed to reducing the time of spread for everything related to the Internet, such as marketing, distance education, and other life matters that we would not have imagined that the future that we see in science fiction films has become a foreseeable reality, and that the tremendous development of the use of the Internet is developing faster than even those working in the field can imagine. This field, and therefore we must accelerate the pace so that we can invest our production and market it optimally.

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