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Foods That Prevent Sleep Avoid Eating Anti Sleep Food

Many of us suffer from insomnia at night without our knowledge of the true reason behind not sleeping, and we attribute this to frequent thinking before bed and we never think about what we eat if it has anything to do with insomnia, or is it possible that there are foods that deprive you of sleep or not? And what kinds of foods to avoid in the approaching bedtime? This is what we will get to know by reading this topic.

Foods That Prevent Sleep Avoid Eating Anti Sleep Food

Most of us consider that thinking is the only enemy of sleep, but you will be really surprised if you know that there are types of foods that are able and even capable of depriving their sleepers of deep sleep, and may cause them to worry for several hours at night, to raise blood pressure and stimulate blood circulation and increase its activity, making it difficult to obtain relaxation And eternity is in a deep sleep.

Resurge Review Research and studies have reported that there are some foods and drinks that we eat periodically and frequently and more than one type of them also per day without a doubt that these foods will be the reason for our lack of comfort and these foods are:

Anti Sleep Food

Anti Sleep Food

High-fat foods

Foods that are high in fat and fat are difficult to digest, such as fast food. Therefore, these high fats affect sleep in general and cause insomnia because they are difficult to digest and take a long time. This healthy Foods contains several foods that will help you to sleep

Red Meat

Red meat has a high protein content, and the stomach takes a lot of time to digest, thus affecting sleep due to indigestion or the like.

Vegetables and fruits

All vegetables and fruits that cause acidity are among the things that cause insomnia, such as tomatoes, as well as those that cause bloating, such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, berries, as well as citrus fruits such as oranges and mandarin to cause stomach problems. This Custom Keto Diet video shows what foods cause insomnia and deep sleep if eaten before bed


As much as chocolate plays an important role in improving moods, the percentage of caffeine in it is considered one of the major causes of lack of sleep, regardless of the energy it gives to the human body and high sugars, and because it contains theobromine, it stimulates blood circulation and increases the feeling of The person is awake, and therefore, eating a small piece of chocolate before you sleep is enough to keep you from sleeping for several hours.

Spicy foods

These spicy foods negatively affect the stomach and digestion, lead to discomfort and thus affect deep sleep.

Soft drinks, tea and coffee

Soft drinks, tea and coffee are drinks that affect sleep and cause insomnia at night because they contain caffeine.


Regardless of the fact that starches cause weight gain, they lead to less sleep, such as potatoes and fatty cheese.

Diuretic foods

Food, drinks, diuretic herbs or anything that increases water in the body, such as drinking too much water before bedtime, makes the person go to the bathroom more than once, and he is very anxious because of this.

So nutritionists have suggested that consuming any food or beverage containing water on orbit today except at least three hours before bedtime, will leave the body hydrated throughout the day and get enough deep sleep.

Food containing a high percentage of (carbohydrates and sugar)

Eating one piece of cake candy helps deep sleep, but if you eat more than a piece of chocolate cake that has completely the opposite effect, it leads to an increase in the blood level so the person’s body gains extra activity and extra energy that prevents him from deep sleep.

The stomach is full in large quantities

Filling the stomach with large quantities of food immediately before bedtime leads to difficulty falling asleep, because the work of your digestive system is slow when you sleep, so you should try not to fill your stomach with more than (200) calories only and before you sleep long enough to digest until you get to rest with your sleep.

As has been said about the good things in the middle, beware of any foods that deprive you of sleep and anti sleep food, because not enough sleep can make you irritable all day long.