The Mediterranean Diet: Weight Loss, Food List, Cookbook

The Mediterranean diet is one of the best weight loss diet in The World, because it helps to lose weight without depriving the body of the important nutrients it needs, as it depends on eating grains, vegetables and fruits, a moderate percentage of dairy products, and estimated amounts of fish, as well About eating a little meat.

The Mediterranean diet food list also depends on adding olive oil mainly to all types of food, as oil is an important source of good fats for the body. So What is The Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet

What is The Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet is a type of diet, inspired by the traditional food patterns in Greece, Spain and southern Italy and depends on olive oil, legumes, fruits, vegetables, fish and dairy, and is a recognized diet by UNESCO in 2010, and its advantages include the wide range In choosing the foods preferred by the person who is on the diet, here we present to you 12 distinct information about the Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss.

Food Without Low Calories

When you follow a Mediterranean diet food list, you will not gain more calories, and you will not have to do away with one of the major food groups, such as fats, for example, instead of completely dispensing with one or some of the groups, they are replaced with harmful types of foods with beneficial types, for example: beneficial fats. (Unsaturated) as olive oil, it replaces harmful (saturated) fats like butter. Fish and poultry replace red meat.

Fresh fruits replace sugars and sweets

You can also eat your favorite spices, vegetables and legumes that you enjoy in your regular meals. Nuts are also a mainstay in this diet, provided that it does not exceed a handful per day, in addition to the ability to add whole bread and cereals in moderation.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet Food List

Mediterranean Diet food List is fresh

Fortunately for you when you follow The Mediterranean diet food List, you will not encounter frozen foods, and you will not crash into a fast food trailer, as the focus of this diet is on fresh, seasonal food grown naturally and irrigated with natural water, and preparing a dish of delicious salads with spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes And some classic Greek ingredients like black olives and feta cheese, or prepare a delicious colorful dish that contains a lot of vegetables decorated with grilled tomatoes.

Bread is allowed to be eaten

Eating whole grains is one of the basics of the Mediterranean diet, as whole grain bread (or pasta) contains more protein and minerals, and is considered healthier than white flour and its baked goods.

In other words, whole grains and their products will not cause the sudden sharp rise in the blood sugar level and then its decline quickly.

Therefore it is advised to try whole grains (and whole bread) dipped in olive oil, chickpeas or tahini (a protein-rich paste made from sesame seeds).

Mediterranean Diet Food List is Huge

The Mediterranean diet food list is not limited to small types (such as Italian and Greek food), but its list expands to include French, Spanish, Turkish and Moroccan food, and foods from many other places.

All you have to do is choose the items and dishes in line with the basics of a healthy integrated food, which means following a healthy food pyramid system that urges you to eat a few sugars, red meat and whole fats, with lots of vegetables and fresh fruits with olive oil and Whole grains and their products.

Delicious spices

The Mediterranean diet contains bay leaves, coriander, cinnamon, rosemary, garlic, pepper and salt, in addition to many other spices.

And just like beneficial fats, the importance of spices is not only important for adding good and delicious flavor to foods, but also contributes to health benefits for the body, for example: coriander and rosemary contain antioxidants, whose seeds fight the destruction of cells and fight many diseases.

Preparing Mediterranean Diet Meal is Easy

Medium meals are usually small in size and dishes are easy to prepare, so for a traditional cold table you can prepare dishes of cheese, olives and nuts in addition to basil, quinoa and sweet red pepper; Because the aforementioned dishes contain many healthy ingredients, especially olive oil, whole grains, legumes and spices.

Mediterranean Diet Food list

Mediterranean Diet Food list

The Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss

With The Mediterranean diet you can lose weight Some people may think that losing weight is a miracle with this Mediterranean diet rich in nuts, cheese and oils, but the delightful fact is that all of these items make you happy with a full stomach without affecting your weight. So it helps you maintain a healthy and fit body by following a healthy and comfortable daily routine that includes a healthy and delicious diet, along with regular exercise and simple exercises.

Your heart will thank you finally

Simply ; Because most of the components of this Mediterranean diet food list are good for the heart. Olive oil and nuts, for example, contain few harmful (saturated) fats and cholesterol, vegetables and fruits, as well as legumes that keep blood vessels clean. Fish also reduce triglycerides in the blood while wine is prepared. (Or unsweetened natural grape juice) is healthy for the heart.

The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

Here’s The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook to cook a tasty meal and lose weight in the same time Click Here To Download Now

To stick to The Mediterranean diet Weight Loss more, means that you will stay young for a longer period, just as the Mediterranean diet contains what protects the heart, it is rich in what protects the mind as well, as it does not allow you to eat harmful fats and cans that cause a lot of infections and instead enables you From eating a lot of foods rich in antioxidants, and this is what specifically makes The Mediterranean diet friendly for the heart and mind.

Now are you ready to apply the Mediterranean diet weight loss to take advantage of all this health information?

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