E-Commerce Trends 2020: Are You Ready To The Kibo Code?

E-Commerce Trends 2020: Are You Ready To The Kibo Code? So What is The Kibo Code Actually? How To Start With The Kibo Code To Build a Successful Biz in 2020.

The world we live in is changing year after year and that is exactly what you find in the business world. Not long ago, e-commerce was an unnecessary innovation, but today it has evolved into a key pillar in the retail sector and influences corporate decisions around the world. Not only do large and global companies benefit from e-commerce, they have also paved the way for hundreds of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and succeed.

Although change opens up a new world of opportunity, a rapidly evolving field such as e-commerce is hard to succeed if not able to keep up with all new trends.

This week we are highlighting e-commerce trends 2020. If you want to achieve success in 2020 and beyond, The Kibo Code is For you!

E-Commerce Trends 2020

E-Commerce Trends 2020

1. Smart phone purchases will continue to grow

Anyone with experience in the online business world will tell you that your website needs to be compatible with smartphones, and this also applies to 2020. What will change is consumer behavior about mobile shopping, particularly when it comes to payment. For a long time, people thought that despite the increase in the number of visitors to e-commerce sites via smart phones, this was limited to search in general without making the purchase in particular.

But with smartphone payments becoming more secure, shoppers are more comfortable making purchases through their phones and mobile devices. This process has also become easier as more devices support the presence of digital wallets in addition to many other ways to save payment data.

According to a report by Statista, the share of smartphone purchases in total e-commerce purchases is expected to be more than 70% in 2020 and will increase to 72.9% in 2021. If you are looking for a long-term investment in your e-commerce company, keep up The needs of smartphones are extremely necessary.

2. Home pages give way to product pages

Traditionally, the home page has been the “storefront” of an e-commerce company. By creating a lot of time and money, the operators of these sites ensured that the new visitors were attracted. Today, entrepreneurs shift their focus and prioritize through other pages, and that’s because they try to think like a potential customer.

When an online customer wants to find something online (whether a product or information), you will eventually find it on an internal page with product specifications, articles or videos related to their research. On the other hand, the people who end up on the homepage of the site are those who are directly looking for the brand name or even by typing the site link directly. In other words, the homepage is usually viewed by people who know about your brand, and the internal pages are visited by most new visitors.

In 2020, it will be necessary to work more on these pages and redesign them to turn visitors into customers. You will need to ensure that these pages are made available to people searching, easily searchable, answers all the inevitable questions and provides alternative options to ensure the user continues to search the site.

3. Video Marketing

When buying something online, customers want to know as much information about the product as before buying it. However, The Kibo Code e-commerce sites do not specifically allow users to check the product before making a purchase. This is why product specifications are very important, but the problem remains that the explanation of words is still limited and inadequate.

Today’s customers (specifically the younger generation) prefer to see product specifications rather than read about them. According to a recent YouGov survey, about 50% of consumers want to watch a video before buying electronic products, household items, software and productivity tools. Twenty-seven percent of those surveyed said this included personal care products, and 35 percent said they wanted to watch a video before buying clothes and cosmetics.

So if you want to stand out in 2020 and drive visitors and customers to your site, you need to invest in video content that explains the products you offer.

4. Voice Search

Today, smartphones are an essential part of our lives and are very important and will continue to play a major role in SEO and offerings. When Apple introduced Siri, it seemed to be just an entertaining thing, but the accuracy of voice interaction programs in 2020 will play a big role, with the accuracy of Alexa from Amazon as well as Google Asset over 95%.

As of 2016, only 20% of mobile searches were conducted by voice, and in 2020 this number is expected to increase to 50%. Not only smartphones, but new technologies like Google Home and Amazon Eco are forcing users to search only by voice. With this dramatic development in voice search, it is expected to spread more in the coming years, and even computer users will search by voice instead of writing.

Consequently, e-commerce operators need to adjust their sites to fit long keywords (which is appropriate for voice search) and display new types of content that fit the types of questions that will come from users.


Not surprisingly, many of the upcoming e-commerce Trends 2020 are influenced by modern technologies rather than simply by consumer behavior. The importance of smartphones will make it continue to play a major role in attracting visitors and turn them into customers as the e-commerce sector has become more comfortable to use and more attractive and more available to all.

Benefits of E-commerce Apps

Internet users have become indispensable to mobile applications over the last decade, providing the possibility of doing many tasks daily in the least effort in a matter of seconds or minutes such as shopping, browsing and ordering the desired services such as maintenance services, search for meals and request, transfer and receipt of funds and follow-up all Your business operations.

E-commerce Applications achieve many goals for companies and businesses, the most important of which are:

E-commerce Apps Increase Brand Awareness



Provide a cost effective marketing channel and results

Brand growth in terms of number of customers, volume of sales and profits
Provide effective personal communication channels and solutions aimed at increasing customer loyalty and loyalty
Online shopping accounts for more than 54% of people using mobile apps. 89% of customers prefer to use mobile apps for e-commerce activities than sites with the proportion of e-commerce sales of mobile phones in general to 40%. These applications provide the best browsing experience and interaction possible with products where you will not have to leave your home and incur costs and the trouble of navigation and search in different branches and stores to find the most suitable product.

If you own a The Kibo Code business and aim to expand and exploit the endless opportunities available through e-commerce, or fully focus on e-commerce, it is necessary to start investing in different e-commerce solutions (E-commerce Solutions) by developing and creating an e-commerce site and developing an application Mobile to provide all possible ways to reach the target customer groups and achieve the growth rate of the customer base and the desired sales volume.

We need to invest the financial resources, time and effort carefully to avoid wasting them on commercial solutions that will not achieve the desired purpose, so we will discuss the benefits of e-commerce applications so you can determine if the mobile app is currently best suited to achieve your business goals, or postpone investment in the development and launch of a mobile app Formal to another stage.

The most important benefits and benefits of mobile e-commerce applications include:

Business growth

Your online store will be available to existing and potential customers 24 hours a day in different countries and geographic locations available to download the app, they can search and browse available products and complete purchases and payment within seconds to a few minutes.

The presence of the official mobile app is a special opportunity to increase interaction and awareness of all content provided by the latest information and accurate information on the available products, notices and temporary offers through which to replace annoying ads that reduce the interest of customers where they can know the content of notices without the need to run the application.

An integrated marketing channel

Applications from the beginning and with the continuous technological development proved effective as an integrated marketing channel contribute to the achievement of marketing objectives in harmony with other channels and marketing campaigns where you can through the mobile application achieve all of the following:

Reach as many target customers as possible

Get potential customer data such as email and personal social accounts
Promote your online store products and interactively promote new products, temporary offers and discounts
Communicate with customers personally with minimal effort and in the shortest possible time
Analyze customer interaction with app content and available products to develop marketing campaigns
Compatibility with marketing campaigns and other marketing channels through in-app notifications and ads
Launch effective advertising campaigns

Mobile apps provide customers with access to personal data when they download the app, including name, contact numbers, email, geographic location, and social accounts that are logged in.

Using accurate and reliable statistics and performance analysis and interaction platforms such as Google Analytics and Firebase, you can analyze and track app users’ engagement in terms of traffic, app browsing duration, product pages that have received the most visits, and location of app users and devices used to run the app.

You can develop and launch ad campaigns that fit your customers and current shopping seasons through personal data, interaction statistics and analytics targeting potential customers to increase engagement and return to using abandoned shopping cart in-app or on other platforms like:

Social Media Ads

Search Engine Ads (SEM) YouTube ads and websites (Google Display Ads) email marketing campaigns
Mobile marketing campaigns (SMSs)
Increase customer confidence and loyalty

Personal communication solutions such as in-app messaging, Inquiry Forms, numbers and official contact email provide a real opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and trust after providing professional customer service solutions.

Secure payment solutions are the second step to gaining the trust and loyalty of customers such as Master Cards, Paypal and Payoneer while securing purchases through Two-Factor Authentication to ensure the user’s identity.

Customer loyalty programs have proven effective in increasing loyalty and interaction with e-commerce activities by encouraging and rewarding interactive customers with cumulative points that are used to get a discount on future purchase value when using the app and completing product purchases.

Essential in-App Features for the success of mobile applications

Apps will not be able to achieve all of the goals without incorporating key features that match the design of the app to provide the best experience to encourage potential customers to start and continue using the app. The most basic characteristics of successful applications include:

Register in the application through simple steps or using social media accounts (Social Media APIs) or through personal e-mail
Ensure the identity of the user of the application through effective security methods such as Two-Factor Authentication and ensure the security of personal data

Use notifications to promote products, temporary offers and discounts in an effective and unobtrusive way
Facilitate browsing of application content from product pages by providing advanced search solutions to search within certain price limits or for specific brand products (Advanced Search Filters) clear and easy to access in the application with the division of products into appropriate categories such as sections (mobile computers – personal computers – Tablets) and offer suggested products based on customer preferences

Add Voice Search to effortlessly access desired products and labels

Complete product purchases in a few steps while providing and securing popular payment solutions to customers (Popular Secure Payment Gateways)

Provision of Order Tracking and Order Tracking solutions

Determine the conditions and period of time within which the product can be returned and the refund of cash paid
Provide accurate and detailed information about the specifications of each product, current price, inventory, period and shipping costs, expiry date of discounts and marketing offers

The possibility of sharing personal preferences in the shopping cart (Shopping Carts) on social networking sites and displayed through the application to encourage potential customers to browse and acquire products

Effective professional personal communication solutions such as in-app messaging and call buttons
Providing virtual reality solutions (AR & VR) in order to provide the possibility of browsing products and experience in virtual reality to increase the conviction of the product before buying it

Provide a promotional video for each product explaining the main advantages of each product and its optimal use
Include a dedicated customer loyalty program to encourage customers to increase interaction on the app, follow temporary offers and acquire more products

Add the ability to evaluate the app and available products in order to improve the browsing experience of the app and provide suitable products at prices suitable to customer needs You now have all the information to understand how the benefits and features of mobile applications are relevant to the needs and objectives of your e-commerce activity, which you will require from the selected technology solutions company. Connect with The Kibo Code Review today to start developing the official mobile app for your online store.

The Kibo Code Best eCommerce Training Course in 2020

The Kibo Code Best Ecommerce Training Course in 2020, E-commerce has become one of the most important and best industries that have made their way to the summit, which many experts predict that in the world that e-commerce topped the summit as the best field of work through which can achieve huge profit rates with a few efforts and very simple steps.

The Kibo Code System

Now it is possible for anyone anywhere to make thousands of dollars from home quickly and effectively without the need for large capital or labor, all by starting e-commerce.

In order to start your e-commerce business there is a set of factors and elements required to start a successful business, enable you to achieve your goals accurately and reach the highest percentage of profits can be expected through your e-business. Perhaps the most important ingredient on which your business or e-commerce is based is to have a smart and successful The Kibo Code e-store that enables you to view and sell your products whatever the type of product, service or activity you do and you want to promote and sell among shoppers.

The Kibo Code

The Kibo Code

The Kibo Code

Having The Kibo Code smart website or e-store helps you succeed. It’s not easy, as it requires careful research to reach companies that can develop websites, especially e-stores that support all the tools any online store needs for shoppers to enjoy. Experience a fun and easy shopping experience inside the store. It also requires a trade-off between those companies to choose the right company that is credible and developed in their products and services in order to serve as a success partner for you.

This is where The Kibo Code is one of the best platforms that develops the best online stores for any online business where you can showcase products or services you manufacture or promote. With a unique set of responsive templates, you can easily design your wonderful online store and it will automatically work with smartphones and tablets.

The Kibo Code is one of the electronic platforms that is considered a success partner for a large number of online merchants.It is the best and largest platform that offers competitive advantages that make it at the forefront of all electronic platforms that help you develop your e-store and reach your goals and achieve the highest profit rates in a simple and fast.

In this article, we will review all you need to know about the best, biggest and biggest success partner in eCommerce, “The Kibo Code”, in addition to explaining the advantages and competitive offers offered by the platform to all customers and partners, as well as pricing plans and enjoying the benefits and offers of the e-commerce platform “The Kibo Code” .

What is The Kibo Code?

The Kibo Code is one of The Best eCommerce Training Course in 2020. The Kibo Code is an online eCommerce training program where you can, as an entrepreneur, create your own online store to sell all the products you want, through a unique set of beautiful and unique models that are unique to the rest of the sites as it cares about customers and its goal is The success of their business through the support of professionals who help customers in everything they need in the field of marketing, sales, store management, website design and more.

Why is The Kibo Code the best option to start your e-commerce?

We have already confirmed that success in e-commerce for any merchant or business owner who needs a distinguished success partner helps you to develop your smart e-commerce site through which you can display all your products and services effectively and efficiently helps to improve the customer experience and drives him to buy, which achieves You the desired profits and reach your goals. Choosing the right partner to develop your e-store is the first step in success, so we recommend you the eCommerce course “The Kibo Code” because of the competitive advantages offered by the platform to all customers around the world, which are:

Professional templates:
The Kibo Code e-commerce program is a rich platform with templates carefully designed to suit all business and built using the latest technology to provide the best buying experience for your customers.

Designs for all works:
Whatever your products or type of e-business, you will find great designs suitable for you offered by the platform “eCard” for all customers on various packages available for purchase.

Fully responsive templates

Fully responsive templates appear beautifully and conveniently on all devices, from the home page to the payment page.

Help you provide an amazing buying experience for smartphone users

More than 50% of online buyers use smartphones to browse websites and buy. You will offer them a unique buying experience from fully responsive templates running on all devices to custom phone applications for your store through the services and benefits of the eCommerce training course “The Kibo Code”.

Edit live design:
It’s a magic tool to help you edit the design of the templates directly live. When you modify the design settings you will see how they appear right on the front of the store. You can also modify the other settings on the Edit Tab page clearly and easily.

Custom designs. From the most famous and most efficient experts

The Kibo Code e-commerce experts will help you modify your template design from quick customizable help services to web, photo and web design services to complete web design services, images and logos. Just ask for an offer from the customer service representative after registration.

Multilingual store support:
Your store will be in your customers’ preferred language, you can add any language you need to expand your sales. The control panel and all the templates have great support team. It has been built and tested to work properly on any language.

The Kibo Code Premium 24/7 support

The Kibo Code Website platform provides you with more than just technical support, providing you with superior support covering all aspects of e-commerce and marketing provided by specialized experts in this field to help you succeed in your business and expand it. An integrated team of experts will work with you to help you with marketing, sales, designing and managing your store, and much more. We have no limits to support you and your business.

Easy and unique control panel

Equipped with hundreds of innovative features to enjoy creating and managing your store.

Easily add your Kibo Code products

Show all the details of your product in a great way to increase your sales. You can add multiple images and videos to illustrate available product options such as colors and sizes. You can also add discounts, offers and prizes. You can definitely share your products on social media. These are just some of the features of our great product pages.

Attract more buyers

You have full control over the modification of the order details page and there is also a custom termination page for smartphones. Through our unique Quick Order Finish page you can give buyers an easy solution to finish your order and get more sales!

Stay on top with unique Kibo Code SEO tools

We’ve equipped your online store with a unique SEO package to get the highest results in search engines. Automatically create a sitemap, add tags and meta descriptions for each product, a special blog for your store, and lots of other advanced tools.

Easily promote your own The Kibo Code products

Promote your The Kibo Code products and promotions easily with our unique product promotion features. Add discounts and special offers and showcase the latest products, specials, specials, best sellers, and more!

Start selling on social media

Promote your products easily on social media pages and let customers share the products they liked with their friends with the push of a button, that’s just part of what you can do with us on social media.

More interaction on your Kibo Code product pages

Your customers will tell everyone about the splendor of your products and services in order to win new customers. This is thanks to the feedback system built into your store.

Increase your sales with the affiliate marketing

An innovative affiliate marketing is built into your store so you can encourage visitors to your online store to promote your products in exchange for discounts or commissions.

Increase your customers loyalty with gift vouchers and discount coupons

Complete system for creating gift vouchers and discount coupons for your discerning customers.
Super Hosting! Your Kibo Code site will not be affected no matter how many visitors !

Your store space automatically expands on multiple servers to handle the continuous increase of visitors. This is thanks to our true cloud architecture built on the best cloud services in its class supported by Amazon AWS