The Shambala Secret Review My REAL Experience Until Buy It

The Shambala Secret Review My REAL Experience Until Buy The Shambala Secret PDF Guide Does The Shambala Secret Work Or Not? Who is David Chandler? Check Our The Shambala Secret Reviews Now

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The Shambala Secret

The Shambala Secret Review

Product Name: The Shambala Secret

The Shambala Secret Creator: David Chandler

The Shambala Secret Website:

The Shambala Secret Price: $39

What is the Shambala Secret Program?

The Shambala Secret is a new program of listening to audio for nine consecutive days. It is a 22 minute audio with different sound waves, which the owner claims will affect a person’s subconscious. It will hit right where your subconscious conductor is present.

This phenomenon of sounds is not new; it is now scientifically proven how sounds and voices can deeply affect your nervous system and activate your subconscious.

This program claims to enable a person to better have a manifestation of its subconscious. It produces positive energies, and the person becomes more attentive to his life and surroundings.

The Shambala Secret Bonus

Who Is David Chandler CEO Of The Shambala Secret

David Chandler is The Founder of Shambala Secret and his early life:

The founder of the Shambala Secret program is David Chandler. He tells us about the journey of him getting this treasure back when everything in his life fell apart, and he was helpless. He was a musician and came to LA for a living, but a series of events happened which tore him apart.

David and his wife arrived at the LA airport when his guitar got stolen, and the apartment they were renting came out as a scam. After this, David also lost his job, and soon, they were bankrupt. No luck passed him; he kept waiting for his big break, which never happened. Both the husband and wife were forced to live a poor life then after five years, his wife was done with it and argued with David to go back. While it was happening, his wife died in an accident.

This left David completely heartbroken, and he spent his nights crying and yearning for his loss. He was helpless and hopeless at the same time. David was devastated and had no idea what to do or where to go next. All his dreams were broken, and his life was suddenly meaningless.

At this point, all he wanted was to get away from where he was stuck; he searched for a place where he could flee to escape.

While feeling so lost, he got a job in Antarctica. He took it as a sign from God and availed of this opportunity. This was not something ideal, but he went with it.

He traveled to this new place and struggled with adjusting there, which was not even near easy. David was longing for peace and tranquility. He was restless and could not settle for a dead-end job. There was a continuous fight within him to move out or stay.

Shambala Secret

How He Found The Shambala Secret?

On a regular morning, David went to a cafeteria. He was sitting alone when a strange woman joined him. This woman had sharp and striking looks. David has driven away from her dark skin and green eyes. She emitted some kind of powerful and unfamiliar energy. She already knew his name and asked if he was David. David only nodded yes as he was so much into her he couldn’t even speak at first. This woman was known as Aria and was able to read all the despair displayed on David’s face. She told David that he seemed restless and in much pain.

David could no longer hold it in and told everything from the start to Aria. He told her about all his miseries and what he went through. The more he spoke, the more he felt light and safe around her. In return, Aria told him her story and how she came from Tibet. She was a Buddhist and has been aware of Shambala since childhood. This was the moment when Aria gave the Shambala secret to David.

Working principle of Shambala

After Aria handed over the audio to David. David used it, and it truly worked for him. After it changed his life, he further got into the research about how it works.

This program is based on audio soundtracks, which interfere with the person’s subconscious conductor.

David noticed that the sound of the bell and the chanting sound was the key component of the tract. This was similar to the ancient meditation practices where they focus on one sound with their eyes closed to straighten their attention.

He also mentions that science has proven the fact that certain sounds can influence a person’s subconscious state. There are numerous sound therapies conducted by psychologists.

The key component in the Shambala secret which draws a person’s attention is The Gamma wave tune which directly reaches the brain.

These waves direct the attention of a person.

A person’s attention creates his or her reality. The Shambala Secret audio can bind all your senses as one and can draw attention to what a person wants. When all the senses are directed to a single way, you might be able to experience the pleasure of it before even having it in real.

The Shambala secret helps you to better understand the 3 truths of your life.

1. Your attention makes your reality.

2. The phenomena of the negative vortex

3. The subconscious conducts your attention.

The Shambala Secret from David Chandler’s perspective

David’s experience with this program was life-changing for him. He was physically and emotionally in a better state than before, which led him to further enhance it and further share it with the world. He came back to the states and started his new life. He further researched and discovered how the audio worked.

He recorded the audio as 3 Dimensional soundscapes that can stimulate new neural pathways inside the brain. The next enhancement David did was he added subconscious messaging.

Subconscious messages are a million times more powerful than conscious messages, and it is proved scientifically.

Chandler also stated 3 phases of the program:

· Induction

· Subversion

· Reawakening

David Chandlers is the creator of the Shambala secret and claims that it is more powerful than any other therapy, yet it’s simple and easy to use or understand.

Will The Shambala Secret Work For Everyone?

According to the DavidChandler creator and my experience with it, the results are promising. He swears on its effects; however, it is an obvious thing that the brain is the most complex organ of the body. It responds differently to different people. If you listen to the program with a negative intention, it might negatively affect your subconscious.

Moreover, the creator of The Shambala Secret program guarantees the results and a full refund of your money if you feel it’s not working in 365 days.

David also shares several reviews of his customers who used the program and are 100% satisfied with the results.

Significance of The Shambala Secret

The Shambala Secret eBook is not complex like other manifestation programs; it is easy to use and guarantees a result that is safe for your investment as it has a refund policy if it does not work after 365 days. Anyone who can sleep is eligible to use the program.

People who used it felt the positive energies taking over their bodies like never before. They are now more focused and attentive towards what they want and their ambitions in life.

The Shambala secret program cost as little as 39$. David offers 3 bonuses along with the main program too. The first one is “The Healing Wound”, which only costs $37; it stimulates the mind and body connection and is good for immunity. The second bonus is “The Sleeping Ocean.” It is to improve your sleep. And the third bonus is “The Golden Sunrise.” It is to improve your focus and positivity using morning sounds.

The Shambala Secret Program and the three bonuses are available only on the website.

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